How We Started the Future of Parking

Hello there! Here is a brief introduction to our company. We will tell you a little about how we started Spott, why we started, and our mission and our team.

As a commuter student at crowded university in South Florida, our CEO identified a real problem everyday when he had to find a parking spot before going to class. The struggle was real. One had to spend several minutes driving in circles, disputing parking spots with other commuters before finding a parking spot.

A simple concept to help parking facility users find parking much faster was drafted. A concept that has been thought of, and created, but not designed and implemented specifically for university campuses.


Driving to campus can be chaotic alone. Not finding a spot right before class or an exam can increase the stress by a lot.

Why We Believe in the Concept

In life, one gets only a few opportunities to make a difference in other people's life. It is rare, however, when one notices the opportunity and takes an action on it - exactly what we are doing!

Many of our competitors provide over elaborated solutions, that require tons of upfront implementation costs, and sometimes are helpless to the users of the parking facility. We kept it simple. Our main goal is to help students find parking faster. Commuter students deserve to be able to better manage their time so they can spend it on things that actually matter, and not be wasting time driving in circles on campus.

Time is money! We deeply believe in the value we are delivering by helping students spend less time when parking on campus.

Our Team

Here is the PIKA team. The team that is getting things done.

The visionary

Teodoro Bohn


Teodoro graduated with a Masters of Science in finance. With an entrepreneurial spirit, at an early age Teodoro has started businesses in Brazil and the US. Failing at some of the ventures helped shape the entrepreneur he is today, gaining the knowledge, experience and confidence required to Spott.

The software geek

Fanchen Bao


Fanchen is a current Computer Science PhD student. He has created multiple web apps using JavaScript, PHP, and Python. In addition, Fanchen is familiar with the full-stack development for mobile and web apps. His experience and knowledge will serve as the backbone to support Spott’s software development.

The robot engineer

Joao Marcelo

VP of Engineering

João graduated with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Currently, João is working on his master’s in mechanical engineering with focus in robotics. His background in sensors and robotics, along with his previous relationship with Teodoro, was the facilitator for his joining the venture as Vice President of Engineering and Operations.

Data master

Diogo Nazario

Data Engineer

Having graduated with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, Diogo is currently pursing his master’s in Data Science and also his MBA. Throughout the years, Diogo has been involved in multiple data analysis and machine learning projects, gaining experience in Python, JavaScript, and SQL as well as in Geospatial tools such as QGIS.

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