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Pika Carpooling

Pika Carpooling Feature is a mobile phone software application developed and designed to promote the carpooling system at universities. The concept is designed to bring the community together, offer safety for riders and drivers, and decrease the traffic on campus. Spott Carpooling promotes the engagement between students, faculty and staff by allowing them to use the platform to offer and take rides with only other members of the university community.

Ride Scheduling

Post on the app the days of the week and time you want to get a ride or take a ride to school.

Afordable Rides

Pay much less than any other ride share app. We want to make it affordable for everyone.

Closed Community

Only students, faculty and staff of the participating university are allowed to use the app.

Pika Parking Guide

Pika Parking Guide is an easy-to-use mobile app designed to help users find the most convenient parking on campus.

Live Parking Count

Check which parking facility has the most open spots before even leaving your house.


Get direction from your current location to parking, and from parking to your class.

Smart Directory

Access campus parking and building directory. Filter parking by types, permits, and even distance to class.

Parking Management System

Pika University Management is a product developed and designed to help universities better manage their parking lots, registered cars, and users of the parking lot, as well as provide the business intelligence the parking operation department needs in order to optimize the management operations of their parking facilities

Live Data Dashboard

Interactive dashboard access with live data on all the activity on the parking facilities.

Custom Reports

Create, export and send accurate reporting to optimize operations on parking facilities.

24/7 Support

Our team is available 24/7 to help and guide you through anything regarding our system.

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