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Services to help parking and commuting to and from universities

Parking Guide

Pika Parking Guide is an easy-to-use mobile app designed to help users find the most convenient parking on campus.

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Pika Carpool is developed and designed to engage students and promote the carpooling program at universities.

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Parking Management

Management tool designed to help universities better manage their parking lots, register vehicles, and parking lot users.

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University Parking and Commuting

No more driving around looking for a parking spot. Our parking guide app allows you to see which parking lot you are most likely to find a parking spot.

If you are tired of parking, join the movement and take a ride with a friend. Our carpooling app promotes community engagement and an environment friendly commute to campus.

Exeperience a smarter way to find parking

Pika finds a spot for you so you don't have to look for it.


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A Team on a Mission

Pika is on a mission to optimize and improve the parking experience and efficiency at universities. Our mission is to change the way you look for a parking spot by finding it for you.